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Tenon Cutting Jig

My tenon cutting jig which, in another article, is also my fret cutting jig, is essentially a sled which runs on the table saw.

The sled is nothing more than a platform made out of plywood with a miter slide that keeps the platform square to the table saw blade. In order to use the sled to cut the tenons on the neck it is necessary to remove the back portion of the sled with the fret pin in it. It is attached to the sled with two dowels. I just remove it.

There is one more piece that constitutes the jig. It is a stop that allows the user to set the position of the tenon exactly. The biggest problem in cutting the tenon on the table saw is to make sure that both "cheeks" are exactly the same. The stop, and, utilizing both the front and back fences of the jig takes care of it.

The stop is just a block with a slot in it. A screw fits in a t-nut under the table and holds the stop securely. To use this jig to cut the tenons, place the neck on the front fence with the tenon line aligned with the saw kerf. I marked the top of the jig with this measurement.

To make the second cut place the neck on the back fence. Push the tenon up against the stop. Notice that the second tenon cut is on the back fence and is up against the stop. The stop insures that both cheeks will be exactly the same! The block in front of the front fence and the plexiglass on the back side are just safety items and protect my hands when making these cuts.

The finished product!