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New Precison Micro Adjust Router Base

The base is primarily designed for cutting rosettes. It has a fine adjust feature, that is, you can set the exact distance within .001” merely by turning the fine adjust knob clockwise or counterclockwise and thereby moving the locating pin a set distance. The fine adjust knob moves the locating pin .050” for each full revolution of the knob. Therefore, if you need to enlarge a rosette cavity by .012” merely turn the knob a quarter turn. For example, suppose you measured a rosette with your dial calipers and its’ width is .210”. A 3/16” bit is .185”. Make the first cut. Now you know that you need to widen the slot by .025”. Turn the fine adjust knob ½ a revolution and the rosette will fit perfectly. If you need a little more space adjust the knob accordingly.

I have recently made more of these jigs with a CNC so they are even more precise and now fit any major laminate trimmer currently being sold (3-25-15). I have them in stock and available for sale. Please note that the offer does not include the Porter Cable 310 in the above photograph. Micro Adjust Router base only. Have one shipped to your door for $115.00 + $10.00 shipping (total $125.00). Just click the button below. As soon as I receive notification from Paypal I will ship the unit. Enjoy! Get your order in before they are all gone!