This is a new 12 string for the Bay State Company. Before I explain the woods used I want to point out its’ two very unusual features. Initially, note that the headstock is the size of all the “normal” Bay State instruments. All twelve tuners are incorporated on the smaller headstock. Also take a close look at the bridge. There are only six holes - not twelve -  as usually seen on any 12 string instrument. Two strings come out of each hole making for a very compact look. All the regular six string strings are attached at the headstock just as if it were a real six string. The slots in the head incorporate the octave strings. This makes for very easy tuning for the player as the strings are laid out in a very logical pattern. This particular instrument has a solid "bear claw” Sitka Spruce top with an exquisite Brazilian Rosewood back and sides. The neck is Mahogany with a Maple stripe down the middle of the neck and ending with a Brazilian back plate. The headstock overlay, fretboard and bridge are ebony. The guitar incorporates the Bay Site Soundring rosette and the Bay State dot inlays.