The Home DePaul

This guitar was constructed as a spoof of exotic wood and an experiment to determine whether a solid body guitar could be constructed out of one 2x10 purchased from the Home Depot. I went and picked out an ordinary piece of wood. I did not look for anything special. As a result, everything made of wood on this guitar is made from that ordinary 2x10. When I say everything, I mean everything, from the fretboard to the truss rod cover. Since it was made from a Home Depot 2x10, I call it "The Home DePaul". Everything in the build was done as if it was being made from great woods. Truss rod, carbon fiber reinforcements in the neck. Semi-hemispherical frets. Gibson "PAF" humbuckers and a stop tailpiece. Nitrocellulose lacquer. It sounds suprisingly good with tremendous sustain (as I would expect from the wood used). Even though the wood is very soft, the neck is straight as an arrow - I attribute that to the carbon fiber in the neck. It just goes to show you that guitars can literally be made from anything and, if they are built properly, sound and play great! And it is light as a feather!
Home DePaul Front
What a great 2x10!

Home DePaul Body
Just the Body

Look at the knot right at the output jack!

Home DePaul Headstock

Note the decal!

Home DePaul Back

Home DePaul Back of Body
Back of Body

Knots and all.....