The Bay State Multi-Scale instrument is designed differently than a standard guitar in much the same way as a Grand Piano is to an upright piano. That is, on a regular guitar and an upright piano all of the strings, both bass and treble are the same length. A Grand Piano and this instrument are designed so that each string is a different length, i.e., the bass strings are much longer than the treble strings. This makes for much better bass response and crisper trebles just like the piano example. It also seems to have much better intonation and tunes better than a standard guitar probably because each string is a different scale length.
This particular instrument was built of Adirondack Spruce and quilted maple. Bloodwood faceplate, fingerboard and bridge. Bloodwood SoundRing® rosette with a pearl ring leaving no end grain (of the spruce top) exposed. Grover Sta-Tite tuners.
Most people who see this instrument cannot believe that it would be easy to play. However, everyone who has played it is amazed a how quickly they lose sight of the fact that the instrument is different. A couple of minutes and it just feels “right”. 
Of course the tone and response is incredible!