The Workingman's Guitar

The Workingman's Guitar is a project that I have thought about for a very long time. The conceptual idea was to build an electric guitar that sounds great and plays even better, yet could be sold at a very reasonable price point. This is the working prototype. One of the requirements was to make the instrument extremely simple for the player. Therefore, there is no "tone" control. The "tone" knob is really a "ToneStyler" switch which provides sixteen discreet tonal positions that provide great tones. All are selectable without checking them through the amplifier on stage. So the player will always know what the guitar will sound like. The body and neck are made of poplar. There is a rosewood fretboard and a two way adjustable truss rod. The neck is 3 piece, with a walnut center piece for stiffness. The neck is bound and the frets are semi-hemispherical. The tuners are Grover 18:1 Sta-Tites. The finish is nitro-cellulose with an amber toner. Simple, but very complete. Truly, a workingman's guitar!
Workingman's Guitar Front
Workingman's Guitar
Workingman's Guitar Front
Very simple, single humbucking pickup and stop tailpiece.
Workingman's Guitar Headstock
Headstock & Truss rod cover
Workingman's Guitar Back
3 piece neck.