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Wells/Bay State Neck Attachment

All of the Wells and Bay State guitars made after 2005 are completely mechanical joints. There is no glue holding the neck to the body. Before 2005 the necks were held with flathead 4mm bolts through the head block and into the neck tenon and the fretboard was glued to the top with a very small amount of glue.
There are two bolts holding the fretboard down to the top. They are located directly behind the transverse brace. They are just tight enough to engage the lock washer. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN! Removing the bolts takes a 9/64” allen wrench. There is a bolt, washer and lock washer.
There are two flathead 4mm bolts which actually hold the neck to the body. They are both located on the headblock. They can be seen by either removing a label (until 2014) or removing a mahogany cover which is held in place with double stick tape. These bolts take a 4mm hex wrench. There are no washers or lock washers in this assembly.