The humidified wood supply | All wood is date stamped upon receival and not used for at least a year. I want the wood to acclimate to my shop.

From the SE corner

From the SW Corner

From the NW corner | My bender and its' molds.

The main work area | This showcases my two main benches; the smaller of the two only takes up a 4 x4 area.

The tablesaw/router station | Most of my work on basic guitar building is done with the table saw. I could not work without it!

Clamps! Clamps! Clamps! | What can you say? We need clamps!

Molds! Molds! Molds! | My unique molds which allow the sides to never leave the mold until the back and top are glued on.

Multiple Toolboxes | The more toolboxes the better organized you can become.

The CNC Machine | This is the newest addition to the workshop. Lots of learning but well worth it!