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Reverse Kerfing Installation

Installing reverse type linings (or kerfing as it is popularly referred to) can sometimes be problematical since the glue surface of the reverse linings are the actual blocks of material rather than just the very thin backing holding the entire lining together. As a result it is very easy to either crack or break the linings' thin backing into several pieces, making for a very sloppy installation. Here is a quick tip on the installation of this type of lining without breaking it. For those who do not know about reverse type linings there are two photos (front and back) of it here.


The most consistent way to install these linings (even on hard to do cutaways) without breaking is to wet the linings with water and then clamp then around the sides on the outside of your mold positioning them in exactly the same way as if you were gluing the linings on the sides themselves.

Clamping them first with this method provides backing for the ultra thin backing material to bend in exactly the way you want without breaking.

Allow the linings to thoroughly dry in their "clamped" mode. Then simply remove them, apply glue to the "correct" surface and glue as usual. Simple. No more breakage!