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Quick Tip #2
Neck Joints (And Some Thoughts)
Quick Tip#1
Patrick Edwards On Working With Hot Hide Glue
Installing Reverse Kerf Linings
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Acoustic Guitar Tool Costs
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Since this web site went online in 2004, I have provided the guitarmaking community with the best articles I could write on all facets of guitarmaking. All articles and accompanying photos are created solely by me for anyone's use as the reader sees fit. Needless to say this endeavor taken a tremendous amount of time and effort, and providing it to the community has cost me monthly web fees. So, the articles for beginners are available above, for free. In order to access the more technically advanced and innovative articles (which will save you both time and money) you will now have to pay a reasonable one time lifetime fee. Cost is $50.00 for access to methods, techniques and suppliers that took over thirty five years to develop. I hope to continue to update these articles with new ideas on a periodic basis. Click the Buy Now Paypal button below and receive your personalized password within 24 hours.

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Making The Multiple Ply Neck
Making the "Tall and Thin" Braces
Simulating The Top To Determine Neck Angle
Center Lines
Cutting the X Brace

Cutting the Reinforcement Strip to inlet the Back Braces
A Water Based Lacquer That Works and Finishing Schedule
Martin Guitar Bracing
Jigs and Bridge Making
The Sequential Build of an Acoustic Guitar
Initial Guitar Setup
The Wells Semi-Hemispherical Fretting System Explained
Selective Sources of Tools and Materials
Joining The Back And Top Plates
Fox Bender Redesigned
Cutting Curved Braces on The Table Saw REVISED
Double Tenon Neck Joint
Drilling The Headstock
Making The Backstrip
An Elegant Taper Jig
Cutting Curved Braces on The Table Saw
Vacuum and the Guitarmaker
A Nitro-Cellulose Lacquer Finishing Schedule
How To Build A Cutaway Guitar

I have had many requests from individuals who would like access to specific articles that require a lifetime subscription. Up to now (6/28/17) that was not possible as the site required a lifetime subscription to all of the articles. However, in response to the demand I am making most of the paid articles available on an individual basis at the nominal cost of $5.00 or $10.00 depending on the articles' complexity. Here they are. Thanks to Bert Berlin on converting these files for distribution! More will be coming in the next few months.

Just email me at sylvan@wellsguitars.com with which article you would like. Then just click the Buy Now Paypal button below. Upon receipt of payment from Paypal, your article will be promptly sent to you!

$10.00 Articles

How To Build A Cutaway Guitar

The Wells Semi-Hemispherical Fretting System Explained

Fox Bender Redesigned

Router Base Plans


$5.00 Articles

Initial Guitar Setup

Making the Backstrip

Joining The Top and Back Plates

Simulating The Top to Determine Neck Angle